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12 green birthday cupcake toppers edible butterflies.

12 green birthday cupcake toppers edible butterflies.

12 monarch wafer paper edible butterflies in shades of green for birthday cupcake toppers. 

These are a good addition to a greenery wedding theme. Rustic wedding cake ideas, woodland wedding cake decorations

Made from wafer paper, they're printed with food coloring and can be eaten with the cookies or cake. They're flavorless and won't affect the flavor of the cake.

These can be attached to the cake with a dab of corn syrup or piping gel, and can be attached to cookies using corn syrup. Here's a video showing how to do it, it's easy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0qGoy3S1Rw

For more information about wafer paper, click here: http://acaketoremember.com/p/product-information 
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