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12" rope flexible silicone mold M5018

12" rope flexible silicone mold M5018

Flexible silicone mold for fondant or gumpaste to make a 12" rope. Good for decorating cowboy or Western-themed cakes, or nautical cakes.

Also works great with polymer clay and other press-in materials. The ends are open, so it can be used with poured-in media like resin or chocolate, but you'll need to close up the ends with some clay or another material that will contain the liquid.

Made from a real piece of rope so it has good texture details.

The mold makes a rope that's about 1/2" wide, and works best with a stiff material that will keep the detail and not stretch when it's removed from the mold.

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Use with the anchor mold to decorate a nautical cake or a beach-themed cake. Click here for the anchor mold

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