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30 blue violet ombre wafer paper edible butterfly set

30 blue violet ombre wafer paper edible butterfly set

30 ombre blue violet wafer paper butterflies for wedding cake decorating or birthday cupcake decorating. They're all sized about 2-2 1/2" wide.

These can be arranged on a wedding cake from light to dark to create a graduated color effect. The first photo shows about 27-28 on a three tiered cake. These have distinct black markings that give them a strong graphic look. 

These are cut out and ready to be placed on the cake, cookies or cupcakes. They're flavorless and will stick to the surface of a cake with a little corn syrup. To attach to cookies, use corn syrup to adhere them to cookies covered in royal icing or candy clay.

  ***The colors in the photo are pretty close to the actual colors, but may be slightly off due to variations in computer monitors.

***Place them on the cake right before serving and don't refrigerate to minimize curling due to humidity.

***Wafer paper needs to be handled with dry hands since it's made from potato starch and will melt if it gets wet!

***Butterflies come in a sealed plastic bag, and will keep for up to a year when stored airtight at room temperature.