• 3D unicorn horn and ear silicone mold set for cupcake toppers M5199



    If you've ever had to make unicorn cupcake toppers, you know that making the horns can be pretty time-consuming. Using this mold with a stiff fondant or gumpaste can make the process faster since you won't have to coil the fondant and deal with trying to get it to stick to itself.

    The one-piece horn mold works best with a stiff material like gumpaste, or you can add some cornstarch to fondant to make it stiffer and use that. If you use a polymer clay it can be too soft to remove easily as it warms up, so stick the filled horn in the fridge for a bit, or just skip the mold and coil a horn up. Polymer clay sticks to itself much easier than gumpaste does, so you probably don't even need the mold!

    For poured materials like chocolate, wax or soap, buy the two-piece mold. 

    This makes a rounded horn, not a flat one!

    Makes a horn that's about 1 1/2" tall and ears that are about 1/2" wide. They're sized right for cupcake toppers, and are cute paired with a little flower. Check out the flower molds that would work for that small flower mold

    Food safe silicone that's heat resistant up to about 375 degrees F. 

    This mold can be used with poured materials like isomalt or resin, but make sure that it's totally set up before trying to remove the material from the mold. The curves in it can make it difficult to remove if the molding medium is too soft, so a stiffer fondant or gumpaste will work better than a softer one.