• 50 small wafer paper flowers for cake decorating, cupcake decorating.


    50 wafer paper blossoms for cake decorating or cupcake decorating.

    These would be good to put on cake pops too, they're about 1" across. Choose a color at checkout. Colors are going to be on the lighter side, not jewel tones, because too much food coloring will make the wafer paper buckle.

    These are shipped flat in a food safe bag, and should be stored at room temperature in a non-humid area. If they get wet they'll stick together, so handle with dry hands.

    To shape them, press them in your hand with a finger, and hold until they cup slightly from the warmth of your hands.

    Attach them to fondant with a dot of corn syrup, piping gel or gum glue. If putting them on buttercream, they'll soften up when they absorb the oils in the icing, so put them on right before serving the cake. I can't accept returns on these because they're considered to be a food item.