• 50 wafer paper flowers and leaves for cake decorating and cupcake decorating, wedding cake toppers, edible flowers, rice paper flowers


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    50 wafer paper flowers for cake decorating or cupcake decorating.

    Choose one or two colors. I'll include 30 of the main color and 20 of the second color.

    If using them on icing they should be attached at the last minute because they'll absorb the oils from the icing and melt! Make sure to handle them with dry hands and keep them dry at all times or they'll soften and dissolve.

    You can easily attach these to the side of a fondant cake by using piping gel or gum glue. To make a cupped shape, hold them in your hand and press gently with your finger in the center of the flower. The heat and oils in your fingers will help shape the flower.

    These work better on fondant than on buttercream because the oils from the icing will get absorbed into the wafer paper and will soften the flower. If they're placed on the cake right before serving, though, buttercream will be fine.

    These will be shipped flat in a sealed ziploc bag. Store them in the bag until you need to use them. If they get wet they can stick together, so store them in a dry place.

      I do NOT accept returns on these because they're edible items and take a lot of handling. If you're not sure about whether you'll be able to use the wafer paper without having it melt, convo me and I can set up a custom listing for some practice pieces for you.

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