Custom edible wafer paper photo for cakes


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Custom edible photos to put on cakes, cupcakes or cookies. Cake decorating with a personalized twist. You can also put photos on a wedding cake to personalize it.

Send me a digital file and I'll print it on a sheet of wafer paper, either a full sheet (the picture will be about 7 1/2" x 10") or on a sheet of twelve round discs (2" diameter) that you can put on cookies or cupcakes.

The photos need to be your photos, not something you pulled off of the internet! I won't reproduce images that are copyright protected, including cartoon characters, logos, or photos of copyrighted artwork. If you're not sure, please contact me before purchasing. If you purchase the customized image and send me a copyrighted picture to print, I won't be able to do it legally and I'll have to cancel the sale.

Also, keep it clean. If you wouldn't show it to your Grandma, don't send it to me!

I'll photoshop the image into the correct size to print either the full sheet or the 2" round discs that you order. The sheet will be sent to you in the full sheet and you can cut the picture to the size that you need. I can put multiple images on one sheet for an additional fee.

To attach to cookies you'll need to ice the cookies with royal icing or fondant, then attach the photo with corn syrup or piping gel. 

To attach to a cake, brush the image with some corn syrup or piping gel or just place it on the icing on the cake and pipe a border around it.

Wafer paper is tasteless and won't affect the flavor of your cake or icing. It will melt if it gets wet, so handle with dry hands only!

Please send me any questions before ordering! I can't accept returns on these since they'll be personalized for you specifically!

Look for more wafer paper images in the wafer paper section of my shop.