• Flower mold, lilac mold for gumpaste lilacs for cake decorating or polymer clay.


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    This mold makes lilacs for wired gumpaste flowers for cake decorating or for polymer clay.

    The flower mold makes 5 lilac blooms in different sizes and two buds in different sizes.

    The flowers range from about 1/2" (2cm") to under 1/4" and can be wired togather to make a branch of lilac blossoms. It's an easy way to make gumpaste flowers if you have trouble manipulating the tiny buds onto wires.

    To use this, you press the gumpaste into the cavity, then stick a wire into the back without removing the gumpaste from the mold. Pinch the gumpaste around the wire to attach it to the flower, then remove the flower from the mold. Finish by pinching the gumpaste around the wire some more to make sure it's secure, and you're done!

    I got the idea for this when one of my friends was having trouble keeping the flower on the wire while she was making lilacs. Since that's a common issue, I thought this was a good solution. The petals will be as thin or as thick as you make them, so you'll need to experiment with it until you find the right formula for yourself. It's a heck of a lot easier than juggling scissors and a tool to shape the petals, though!

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