• Scrollwork frame food safe silicone mold, set or individual pieces. M055


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    Scrollwork frame food safe silicone mold, available as a full set or individual pieces, for cake decorating, gumpaste, vintage scroll molds. It can also be used for polymer clay and other crafting materials.

    The $8 price is for the top section ONLY! Each section is priced in the options section.

    Each section can be purchased separately, or the full set can be purchased for a discounted price. Please check the photos to see what each section is called. The four sections put together make a full frame that can vary between 8-12" tall depending on how thin you make it. You can also leave out a section to make it shorter.

    The top piece is ONE mold and is about 2 1/4" wide and 2 1/2" tall. The second from top section is TWO molds that are mirror images and are about 3 1/2" long. The second from bottom section is TWO molds, mirror images, and are about 4" long.

    The bottom section is ONE mold and makes a piece that's about 6" wide. This mold will work best with gumpaste since fondant can stretch when removed from the thin mold. You may need to trim around the edge of the molded piece if you overfill them.

    The easiest way to fill these would be to roll out a thin snake of the gumpaste and press it into the mold to avoid overfilling the cavities. The silicone is food grade and is safe for isomalt, gumpaste, chocolate and can also be used with polymer clay.

    Here's a video on how to use shallow silicone molds that can apply to these molds: