• Three sheets printed gold edible wafer paper for cake decorating.


    3 sheets of  gold shimmer printed and dusted gold wafer paper. Great for making gold flowers or wrapping a cake tier with gold. Handle VERY carefully to avoid getting oils on the gold, since that can leave marks.

    Each order includes three sheets of gold paper. The gold is printed with food coloring and dusted with an FDA-approved gold edible luster dust. The dust may rub off on your hands but the paper will remain shimmery. If the dusted side gets wet or oily, the color may darken, so handle it with dry hands.

    Each sheet is about 8"x10", and colored using food coloring. You can cut a sheet in half to wrap around a 4" tall cake tier, like the examples shown.

    The wafer paper will be shipped in a food-safe storage bag and should be stored at room temperature in a non-humid area and away from sunlight to prevent fading. It can be kept for up to a year but it's better to use it within 6 months or so. If moisture gets into it it can stick together, so proper storage is important!