• Hard plastic sunglasses mold


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    This sunglasses mold makes a pair of glasses in a retro style that would be cute for a fashionista cake. The plastic will work with chocolate, gumpaste or resin.

    These are made from a real pair of women's sunglasses, so they're life-sized. They might have some stretched areas in the mold where the plastic flattens out due to variations in how each one was made.

    This is one of a series of "test" molds that I made to see if adding hard plastic molds would be a good fit for my store. Due to the toxic gas that's emitted when you have to heat up the plastic, I decided to just use up the plastic sheets that I have and not continue down the path of dying from fumes! So the rigid molds that I have listed here are priced to sell, and once they're sold I won't be restocking them.