• How To Price Your Custom Cakes For Profit e-class--- PDF computer file and worksheets

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    If you want to sell custom cakes for profit, you need to know how to price them correctly. This e-class will take you through the steps you need to do to price your cakes the right way to make a decent profit and wages to cover your time. I've had a custom cake business for the past 20 years and have been profitable every year, so this guide can help show you how to set your prices in order to stay far away from minimum wage.

    This class includes a 34-page text guide and multiple worksheets to help you go through the different sections. It includes a specific formula to price your cakes plus advice on how to shop the competition, how to decide what to charge for, and how to price 3D cakes.

    The examples given in the guide are in US dollars, but the principles apply anywhere! THEY ALSO APPLY TO OTHER CREATIVE BUSINESSES, NOT JUST CAKES!!! Really, it will help you no matter what you're making for sale.

    The worksheets are in PDF and Excel formats. If you don't have Excel those worksheets are also in the file in a PDF format, or you can open the Excel files in Google Drive as a worksheet.

    This is a downloadable PDF guide, it will be emailed to you after you purchase it. You won't receive a hard copy, but you can print one out.

    Your tutorial purchase includes the ability to join my facebook group to post questions and have me answer them for you. This will give you access to more information in case you need further instruction after reading the tutorial itself. The link to the group will be sent when you get the receipt for your purchase.