• Large frogs mold set for cake decorating, cupcakes or polymer clay M1093


    Set of three large silicone frog molds for cake decorating, cupcake decorating, polymer clay or resin. These molds make realistic frogs and include three different varieties. The frogs are about 2" wide and between 1 1/2" and 2 1/2" long.

    The shape of the frogs is three-dimensional and you might have to position the legs so that they hold the frog up while the molded item is drying. Since the legs are thin it's easier to press a larger amount of material into the mold, then trim away the excess from the body so that the legs and arms are free to be positioned where you want them.

    The frogs in the photos are all made from gumpaste and painted with food colorings. You can also use chocolate or isomalt in the molds. They also work with polymer clay or resin, but if you use ot for non-food items you shouldn't also use them for edible materials.

    These molds make a nice three-dimensional frog that would be really cute for pond-themed cakes or rainforest cakes.