• Lock plate mold for fondant or polymer clay M099

    enter the number of your first lock plate choice from the listin gphotos
    Enter the number of your second choice from the listing photo

    This is a silicone mold made from YOUR CHOICE of two of the five lock plates shown. Choose which two designs that you want at checkout, and I'll make a custom mold with those two locks. each lock plate is about 1" wide.

    Choose the plates using the numbers shown in the photos above. When checking out you'll be given a chance to choose which designs. If you can't choose for some reason send me a note with the order telling me which two designs you'd like.

    The mold is make from a food-grade silicone, and you can use it for gumpaste, fondant, modelling clay, chocolate, and isomalt. It's safe up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit, and I've used hot isomalt in them with a good result. You can also use them for polymer clay and other clay media, but if you use them for non-food purposes don't use them for food items after that! 

    These molds work best with gumpaste or a stiff fondant. Soft fondant won't work as well in the molds because it will stretch when it's removed and lose the shape and details.