• Pink and gold smudges icing sheet cake wrap


    ONE icing sheet cake wraps that's like a thin sheet of icing that you peel off the backing paper and apply directly to the cake. They're thicker and more flexible than wafer paper.

    Works on fondant and buttercream, and can be cut with scissors to trim to size or to cut out shapes for cookies.

    Apply to buttercream by pressing it onto the cake surface. Use pining gel or corn syrup for fondant cakes.

    Each order includes ONE icing sheet, sized at about 8x10". 

    This design is painted with gold to give the entire sheet an additional shimmer.

    The sheets are printed all over, and can be cut to fit the cake.


    Use one sheet for a 6" round cake that's 4" tall.

    Use two sheets for an 8" round cake that's 4" tall. 

    ***Tiers that are taller than 4" will require more icing sheets!

    All sales on icing sheets are final. Please contact me with questions before purchasing if you're not sure about any details!