• Rainbow cake toppers or cupcake topper edible butterflies


    12 rainbow wafer paper butterflies cupcake toppers with black markings.

    Assorted color edible butterflies with distinct black patterns to put on wedding cakes or a birthday cake, or to use on cookies that have icing or chocolate on them. They make a beautiful display when grouped together or placed individually on cupcakes in a display.

    These range from about 1" to 2 1/2". You'll receive an assortment of sizes as shown in the first photo, about four of each, small, medium and larger.

    These are cut out and ready to be placed on the cake. They're flavorless and will stick to the surface of a cake with a little corn syrup. To attach to cookies, use corn syrup to adhere them to cookies covered in royal icing or candy clay.

    Made from wafer paper, they're printed with food coloring and can be eaten with the cookies or cake. They're flavorless and won't affect the flavor of the cake.

    These can be attached to the cake with a dab of corn syrup or piping gel, and can be attached to cookies using corn syrup.