• Severed finger mold for zombie Halloween cake decorating


    This is a handmade, one-piece mold to make a realistic finger for use with gumpaste, chocolate clay or fondant. Softer materials might not hold the shape as well.

    The silicone used to make this is food-safe and can be washed with soap and water. If you do use this for a non-food purpose like clay or wax you shouldn't use it for food afterward!

    This is a one-piece mold that has a slit down the side to insert a roll of modelling material. After filling the mold you can carefully peel it open and remove the finger.

    You can use these for Halloween cakes or cupcakes to make them extra gross! Kids love it! Nasty!

    I make each of these to order, so each one will be slightly different.These molds work best with gumpaste or a stiff fondant. Soft fondant won't work in the molds because it will stretch when it's removed and lose the shape and details.