• Three sheets of four edible wafer paper peacock feathers


    3 sheets of four printed peacock feathers for cake decorating or cupcake decorating. This is a sheet of 4 feathers that are about 6" long.

    They come in a printed sheet of wafer paper, you cut them out and attach to either a cake or a wire to make the quill.

      Wafer paper feathers are edible and flavorless, and can be used alone or attached to wires to make a stem to insert.

    Colors may vary from the photos based on differences on computer monitors and inks.

    Wafer paper works best on fondant-covered cakes, because the oils and moisture in buttercream icing can soften the paper or melt it. If you're going to put the feathers on a buttercream cake, wait until right before displaying the cake to put them on.

    These ship only to the US because sitting in customs can affect the paper if it's humid. If you want to take a chance on it let me know and I'll do a custom listing for you.

    Watch my video on how to attach the feathers to wires on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/karabuntin