• Silicone pine branch mold set for cake decorating M084


    This is a handmade silicone mold set to make two pine branches that are about 3 1/2-4" long. It's for cake decorating materials or for polymer clay.

    The molds make two branches that point in two different directions. They're detailed on one side and flat on the other, and can be put on a cake with pinecones that are flat or rounded. 

    The silicone used to make this is food-safe and can be washed with soap and water.

    If you do use this for a non-food purpose like clay or wax you shouldn't use it for food afterward!

    Pine branches have a distinct bend at the end where the needles grow out. The needles can be piped on once the branch is set in place (See the super-sophisticated illustration in the last photo above to show how the needles would be added.) You could also make needles using piped chocolate or royal icing if you wanted a three-dimensional look.