• Silicone seashell mold, outer part of the shell showing. M37


    This is a seashell mold, a little over 2" long. The seashell in the photo is made of gumpaste using the mold, and colored by hand.

    This mold makes the outer part of the shell. The silicone that I use for these molds is food safe and can be used for gumpaste, fondant, chocolate and sugar. it can also be used for polymer clay as long as you don't use it for food after that. 

    I like this individual mold because it's easier to get the shells out without losing the detail on them. Some other multiple-cavity molds that I've used result in flat spots when you push the gumpaste out of the mold, but with this type of silicone it's easier to get the shell out without ruining the detail on it.

    These molds work best with gumpaste or a stiff fondant. Soft fondant won't work in the molds because it will stretch when it's removed and lose the shape and details.