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Small flexible silicone sand dollar mold M41

Small flexible silicone sand dollar mold M41

Silicone sand dollar mold to make a gumpaste or fondant sand dollar.

Sized for cake decorating and cupcakes decorating, this one is a little over 2 1/4" round.

This could be used for gumpaste, fondant, chocolate or poured sugar.

The sand dollar molds work best with a semi-stiff material because the details on them are subtle. Fondant that's too soft will stretch and you won't be able to see the detail.

This mold would be great for a nice touch on an ocean-themed cake for a birthday party. I made this mold using a real sand dollar.

Again, these molds work best with gumpaste or a stiff fondant. Soft fondant won't work in the molds because it will stretch when it's removed and lose the shape and details.

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