• Two part silicone mold material, food grade silicone mold making supplies.


    120 grams (about 4 ounces) of a two-part silicone mold making putty for cakes and crafting. It can be used for isomalt, gumpaste, or non-food materials like resin, soap, wax, and ploymer clays.

    The silicone is food-grade FDA approved.

    To use this you take equal parts of each color and knead them together until there are no more streaks of white and it's a consistent yellow color. Form it around the item that you're molding and let it sit to cure.  It works best for items that don't have a lot of dramatic undercuts since it's a putty, not pourable.

    It's about a two to three minute working time before it sets, depending on the temperature. You should have the item to be molded ready to work with, you have to work efficiently but it's very easy to work with!

    This is enough to make the groups of molds that are shown in the photos. It's better to measure it with a scale, but if you have to do it by sight and use balls of it that are the same size it's pretty forgiving, and you don't have to be 100% accurate for the mold to cure.